2016 Launch Schedule

The Jansen site for high power launches is no longer available. The ISOAR club conducts high power launch monthly at their site near Indianola, Iowa. This site is nearly the same distance from Omaha as the Jansen site. See the ISOAR page for details ISOAR

The scheduled dates below are our original plan. Pending weather and other unforeseen issues these dates may change. Please watch this page for updates.

6 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

3 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

1 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

5 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

3 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

7 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

4 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

2 Papillion, NE Noon - 2PM

Launch Sites

Papillion, NE

Low power launches (rockets under 1 pound and less than 62.5g of propellant) are held the first Sunday of every month in Papillion at 1100 Lincoln Road.

To get there, go west on Lincoln Road from 84th street in Papillion until you get to the abandoned driving range on the north side of the road.

Launches here are scheduled for the first Sunday of the month and are informal (the club does not provide launch equipment or supervision for these launches). Please show respect for anyone else making use of the fields.

Flyers 18 years and older must be a NAR or Tripoli member to fly.

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